We had a BIG year in 2022… 

We’re excited to share our… 


  • 1.

We wrote many songs… 

Like this one! 😎👇

A 85.7%

Of students said that they could express themselves more fully.

B 68.8%

Felt more comfortable speaking or performing in front of others.

C 95.5%

Said that their self confidence had increased.

D 85.7%

Have increased their ability to identify emotions in themselves and others.

“The Rebel Song Academy has been an awesome program to be a part of because it allowed me to learn how to work with musicians of different skill levels, different music interests and different backgrounds so now I’m able to adapt and work with any type of artist. It taught me how to take the lead on projects where I might have never wanted to before or thought I could, it taught me leadership.” 

Malek Looney, RSA Alumni

Celebrating the success of our




$250,000+ in funds raised! 

Last year we set out on our MAKE WAVES campaign and asked the community to help us do three things:

  • Move into a new programming space
  • Build a recording studio for our students
  • Launch a multi-cultural festival in Kansas City

We had no idea where we would land but we are so proud to announce that we have successfully accomplished all three of our goals! For those of you that participated in a big way to make this possible you are celebrated on our studio walls on Gold and Platinum Art as Mentorship records. We are so incredibly grateful.

Platinum Record Donors

Dave Johnson
Lauren Merriman
Kathryn Crutchfield
Kevin Morby
Tim Lyons
Steve Revare
Terry Basham
Jason Dalton
Ben Tarwater
Mike Lyon 


Record Donors

Jeff Zigmant
Sandy Whitaker
Graham Zusi
Leo Valdez
Kevin Timmons
Rochelle Yangmi
Matthew Stotts
Joe Layne
Liz Fisher
Josh Sartino
Reese Fisher
Heather Gibbons
Nathan Reusch
Sara Gardner
Yvette Ramirez 


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