Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any age limits or requirements for joining Art as Mentorship?

Typically, we limit the programs to 13-18, sometimes 11 or 12. Most students are in late middle school or high school with a musical background, though prior music experience is not required.

Who works directly with students in Art as Mentorship programs?

A diverse group of industry professional mentors work with our students. This includes GRAMMY winners, GRAMMY nominees, other people who work in the industry. All students receive direct, one-on-one mentorship with our team, mental health professionals, and music professionals.

Some of our past artist mentors include: Martin Kierszenbaum, Kevin Morby, Briston Maroney, Jake Lippen and more.

Do your programs offer anything other than music?

Though music is the foundation of our programs, we also talk about other important aspects of art such as photography, cover art, promotion and marketing, and everything else a young musician would need to create!

Why is Art as Mentorship a non-profit organization?

We are a non profit organization because what we do is really about serving the community. A for-profit business serves a purpose; we don’t want there to be a financial barrier to helping these families and these students.

What do donations directly fund?

Donations go toward creating the best programs possible for our students. There are 3 to 4 funds that donations are added to—all with different goals. These donations help things like our music recording space, programming, event venues and other event costs, music camp funding, artist mentors, and other important applications for our organization.

Why donate to Art as Mentorship?

Your donation goes directly to helping kids who would not get this help otherwise. It will be used effectively because we are a small nonprofit; each students receives direct, one-on-one mentorship. We have seen amazing outcomes. Our operation is small enough that a little bit of money goes a long way.

Help give our students a voice.

Reach out or donate to help further our programming. We serve underprivileged students to foster life skills, mental health, and of course, art through music.