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Virtually Connecting Young Artists with Industry Professionals

In 2020, we launched RSA Live, the virtual sister program of our Rebel Song Academy. Operating in tandem with RSA, and spearheaded by Making Movies frontman and Art as Mentorship founder, Enrique Chi, we brought in nationally-renown mentors to work directly with young artists of all backgrounds through this weekly interactive program.

About RSA Live!

Through our nine years of work in the community, we learned that songwriting and other artistic expressions instill self-confidence, discipline, and entrepreneurial skills. RSA Live! serves as an accessible link between students and their creative potential, acting as a pathway to our Rebel Song Academy, a more in-depth exploration of students’ young artistry.

Steve Berlin of Los Lobos, Jake Luppen of Hippo Campus, Andy Vargas of Santana, Kevin Morby, The Greeting Committee and other nationally recognized musical artists are ready and willing to share their experiences with our young artists. Ultimately, we diversified and increased our award-winning team of mentors from across the music industry with the launch of RSA Live!

Our industry-professional mentors will work directly with students and answer questions in during this virtual youth music program. You won’t want to miss the great guest mentors we have in store!

90.9 The Bridge

We’ve partnered with 90.9 The Bridge to co-host our RSA Live! streams and feature them on air monthly! The Bridge archives the streams to be enjoyed for years to come.

2021 RSA Live! 

Many thanks to our stellar mentors and our wonderful students – we had a blast!



“RSA Live was one of the few things I truly looked forward to in 2020” – Julia Reynolds, AM Student


The RSA Live! series is sponsored by InterUrban Arthouse, Music Across Borders and Lifted Logic.

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Additional 2022 sessions TBA





Age Range

12 to 18

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