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RSA Live!

Join us for RSA Live!, the best virtual music workshops for students 

Music connects and brings people together. The pandemic caused feelings of isolation and loneliness for many. Everyone needs a safe and warm environment to bring the joy of music back into their lives. Join us this 2022 for our Rebel Song Academy Live! program, the most compelling and illuminative virtual music course for students.

Hosted by Art As Mentorship, a non-profit focused on bringing music and opportunity to kids in Kansas City and all over the world, RSA Live! is the virtual sister-program to our in-person, 12-week music camp: the Rebel Song Academy. Both programs seek to foster and nourish musical skill in young artists, as well as teach the next generation how to express themselves and learn valuable life skills. 

The story behind the Rebel Song Academy Live!

Founded in 2020 by Art As Mentorship director Enrique Chi, the Rebel Song Academy Live! was launched to be a sister virtual course to our in-person Rebel Song Academy. In a time where people needed each other more than ever, and yet had to be apart, we found that an online music course could bridge the gap of separation. 

Featuring famous guest teachers | More than just a virtual music course for students

Now in its third year of operation, RSA Live! has blossomed into something more than just a virtual music course. Hosting various guests and industry professionals, it is a chance for students and aspiring young artists to directly communicate and learn from some of today’s top artists. 

The Rebel Song Academy Live! hosts internationally renowned guest mentors to work directly with young artists of all backgrounds, empowering them, through music, to write their own success stories. Mentors in the past have included Kevin Morby, Briston Maroney, Beach Bunny, and Jake Luppen from Hippo Campus! To see our full 2021 lineup, visit our Instagram page!

Upcoming events in 2022

The Rebel Song Academy Live! is a weekly program that coincides with our in-person Rebel Song Academy. In 2022, the Rebel Song Academy and RSA Live! programs will be held over Zoom periodically throughout the year. 

Our in-person course, the Rebel Song Academy, will be held at Deep Space Cooperative, a premier and inclusive space designed by and for artists and musicians in the Kansas City area, located at 1664 Broadway Blvd. Kansas City, MO! 

To sign up for the Rebel Song Academy Live! program, visit our website at, or sign up via our application page

Frequently Asked Questions | Virtual music course for students

How much do the Art As Mentorship programs cost? 

Our programs, Rebel Song Academy Live included, are all offered free or at a low fee, depending on the needs of the student. To find out what our programs could cost to you, send an email to, or submit an application on our website. All costs go back to helping the community and funding the programs, ensuring all children have the best possible experience and opportunity at our music camps. 

How do I sign up for the Rebel Song Academy Live program? 

You can sign up online by visiting our website,, or by clicking through to our application page

What are the age limits for the Rebel Song Academy Live program? 

As is the case for all our music camps for kids in Kansas City, the Rebel Song Academy caters to high schoolers and kids from ages 12-19. However, there are no set age cutoffs, and exceptions have been made in the past for those seeking to join our programs. For questions about ages and enrollment, please reach out to

How can I support Art As Mentorship’s programs? 

The best way to support Art As Mentorship in our endeavor to bring resources, opportunity, and programs to children in underprivileged areas is to donate. Donations are never required, but always appreciated and put to good use. Any amount can make a difference. All the money donated to Art As Mentorship goes directly back to the students and young musicians enrolled in our music camps. 

Will the Rebel Song Academy Live program make me the next Beyoncé? 

The goal of the Rebel Song Academy Live program is not to make anyone famous, but rather to teach them the life and music skills they need to create their own music and shape their life for the better. While fame is exciting, we prioritize our students becoming more rounded and skilled individuals. However, it is true that the qualities Art As Mentorship encourages and helps nourish set the foundation for higher achievement. 

Can I volunteer with Art As Mentorship?

We are always looking for volunteers to help us in serving the community. Email for more information.

Join the best virtual music course for students in 2022

Art As Mentorship is a non-profit operating in Kansas City, which runs not only the Rebel Song Academy Live program, but several other music camps in the KC area. RSA Live, and all our programs, exist purely thanks to the donations of amazing people and businesses in the Kansas City area. Any donations made to Art As Mentorship go directly back to providing for the kids in the programs–improving the spaces and equipment, providing food, and more! 

The Rebel Song Academy Live program is the most comprehensive, informative, and fun music program available to students and young artists in 2022. To join us and learn more about music, hone your skills, and meet with real industry professionals and famous musicians, visit our website at, send us an email at, or sign up right here! See you online this summer!


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